Panama Company Search Report


Panama Company Search Report

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Panama Company Search Report

Price: £220

Panama Company Search Timescale: Email copies sent within 3 – 4 working day

Delivery: PDF report sent via email only

A Panama company search report confirms that the company exists and lists the company information.

A Panama company search report includes:

  • Company Name (Nombre de la Sociedad)
  • Company Registration Number (Ficha)
  • Date of Incorporation (Fecha de Registro)
  • Date of Deed (Fecha de Escritura)
  • Deed Number (No. de Escritura)
  • Company Type: private, plc, nfp,
  • Current Legal Status: in good standing, dissolved/disuelta, struck off
  • Company Duration (Duración:Perpetua)
  • Share Currency (Moneda)
  • Share Capital (Monto de Capital)
  • Authorised Share Capital (Capital Autorizado)
  • Class of Shares
  • Number of Shares Issued
  • Registered Agent (Agente Residente)
  • Registered Agent Address (if available)
  • Notary (Notaria)
  • Legal Representative (Representante Legal)
  • Company officers Titles and names (Título del Dignatario, Nombre del Dignatario)
  • Name of the original shareholders (Nombre de los Suscriptores)
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