Serbia – D.o.o Company Incorporation

Serbia Key Points

  • Time – 3 weeks to incorporate your company
  • Directors – only one director of any nationality, is necessary for your D.o.o company
  • Shareholders – two shareholders of any nationality, are required
  • Share Capital – the share capital requirement is only €500
  • Tax – Serbia has one of the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe
  • Support – using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process

Incorporating a Company in Serbia

  • We complete the required forms
  • Notarise the Memorandum of Association and lease contract at the Court
  • Open a bank account and pay in founding deposit
  • Obtain the registration certificate Business Registers Agency
  • Obtain PIB – tax identification number at the Municipal Hall
  • Register the employment contracts with the Employment Organisation/Fund
  • Obtain certificate from the PIO Fund (pension fund)
  • Obtain certificate from the Health Fund

The most commonly used legal form in Serbia is a limited liability company. A shareholder has only one share in the company, which is expressed as a percentage.

The new Company law provides that limited liability companies can have upto 50 shareholders, and that the minimum share capital is €500.

Economic and Tax Information

The cost of labour in Serbia is significantly lower than in most Central and Eastern European countries.

  • Average net monthly salary is €240
  • Serbia has one of the lowest corporate profit tax rate in Europe.
  • Percentage of population speaking English language is more than 40%
  • One of the lowest corporate profit tax rate in Europe set at 10%
  • Tax credits for investing in fixed assets of up to 80% of the assets’ value
  • A 10-year tax holiday for investments of €7.5 million or more
  • Government subsidies, tax exemptions, and other incentives for creating new jobs
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