Belgium Business Plan

Belgium Business Plan

A business plan is required prior to the incorporation of your company in Belgium.

Financial Information required for your business plan

Estimated for the first 2 years:

  • Company turnover
  • Direct costs – directly linked to the turnover
  • Non direct costs – rents, cars, office costs, insurances
  • Employees – number of employees
  • Investments – type and amount of each investment
  • Where the investments will be paid from – equity, banks loans, other loans

Director Information –  educational proof is required to show the capability of the director:

  • Higher educational certificate
  • Details of previous directorships

Information required when formulating your business plan:

  • Your company name
  • Company address
  • Name and address of the shareholders copy passport up to date proof of residency
  • Business activities of the Company
  • Proof of Residency and copy passport of the Director
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