BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 Division 2 – Issue of Shares

BVI Company Formations
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45. Subject to this Act and to the memorandum and articles, shares in a company may be issued, and options to acquire shares in a company granted, at such times, to such persons, for such consideration and on such terms as the directors may determine.

46. (1) Subsections (2) to (4) apply to a company where the memorandum or articles of the company expressly provide that this section shall apply to the company, but not otherwise.

(2) Before issuing shares that rank or would rank as to voting or distribution rights, or both, equally with or prior to shares already issued by the company, the directors shall offer the shares to existing shareholders in such a manner that, if the offer was accepted by those shareholders, the existing voting or distribution rights, or both, of those shareholders would be maintained.

(3) Shares offered to existing shareholders under subsection (2) shall be offered at such price and on such terms as the shares are to be offered to other persons.

(4) An offer made under subsection (2) must remain open for acceptance for a reasonable period of time.

(5) Nothing in this section prevents the memorandum or articles of a company from modifying the provisions of this section or from making different provisions with respect to pre-emptive rights.

47. (1) Subject to subsection (2), a share may be issued for consideration in any form, including money, a promissory note, or other written obligation to contribute money or property, real property, personal property (including goodwill and knowhow), services rendered or a contract for future services.

(2) The consideration for a share with par value shall not be less than the par value of the share.

(3) If a share is issued in contravention of subsection (2), the person to whom the share is issued is liable to pay to the company an amount equal to the difference between the issue price and the par value.

48. Before issuing shares for a consideration other than money, the directors shall pass a resolution stating

(a) the amount to be credited for the issue of the shares;

(b) their determination of the reasonable present cash value of the nonmoney consideration for the issue; and

(c) that, in their opinion, the present cash value of the non-money consideration for the issue is not less than the amount to be credited for the issue of the shares.

49. The issue by a company of a share that

(a) increases a liability of a person to the company, or

(b) imposes a new liability on a person to the company, is void if that person, or an authorised agent of that person, does not agree in writing to becoming the holder of the share.

50. A share is deemed to be issued when the name of the shareholder is entered in the register of members.

51. (1) The memorandum or articles of a company, or the terms on which shares in a company are issued, may contain provisions for the forfeiture of shares which are not fully paid for on issue.

(2) Any provision in the memorandum or articles, or the terms on which shares in a company are issued, providing for the forfeiture of shares shall contain a requirement that a written notice of call specifying a date for payment to be made shall be served on the member who defaults in making payment in respect of the share.

(3) The written notice of call referred to in subsection (2) shall name a further date not earlier than the expiration of fourteen days from the date of service of the notice on or before which the payment required by the notice is to be made and shall contain a statement that in the event of non-payment at or before the time named in the notice the shares, or any of them, in respect of which payment is not made will be liable to be forfeited.

(4) Where a written notice of call has been issued under this section and the requirements of the notice have not been complied with, the directors may, at any time before tender of payment, forfeit and cancel the shares to which the notice relates.

(5) The company is under no obligation to refund any moneys to the member whose shares have been cancelled pursuant to subsection (4) and that member shall be discharged from any further obligation to the company

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