British Virgin Islands Ready Made Company

We have a selection of ready-made International Business companies available in the BVI, which can be purchased from us and transferred to you.

 Ready Made IBC

A ready-made company will be beneficial if a company is required urgently. For instance, it will be useful if a company registration number is needed immediately in order to complete an important contract and minimal time is allotted for the incorporation process.

There are no new BVI ready made companies available. We have companies registered in 2009 only. The companies have had no business activities, and they have neither duties nor obligations.

The age of your company may affect the business you wish to conduct. For some potential business associates, the number of years a company has been in existence may affect how much confidence a buyer or a creditor holds in a company.

In many countries, government contracts can only be awarded to companies that have been trading for a number of years. In order to secure these contracts, an aged corporation will be beneficial.

In terms of building corporate credit, an aged company is creditable. The longer a company has been in existence, the more credibility it will possess.

All of our BVI ready made companies:

  • Are International Business Companies
  • Offer shareholders limited liability
  • Can have a sole director and sole shareholder
  • Have an immediately available registration number
  • Have wide objects and can be used for most business activities

A Ready Made Company includes:

  • Articles of Association/Statutes
  • Registered Agent and Office in the BVI
  • Incorporation Certificate

Changing the company name of the Ready Made Company

We can file a company name change on the same day as transfer without delay.

Appointing the Officers

Due Diligence on the new officers should be sent to us to effect the changes. Updated registers and resolutions will be compiled and filed on your behalf, to ensure a smooth transition to the new owners.

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