Registered Office Renewals

Renewal of your registered office facility

Our Registered Office renewal fees are valid for 1 year of service.

If we have contacted you recently, it may be that our records show your registered office service is currently pending renewal and payment is due.

We do offer multi-year renewal options where you and renew your Registered Office Service for a two or three-year term for substantial savings.

To renew your Registered Office Service securely or if you have any queries on your renewals please contact us.

UK Registered Office Service

They include the use of a registered office facility at our UK address for UK companies:

11 Church Road

Great Bookham


KT23 3PB


European and Offshore companies – Registered Office Service

Alternatively, it includes use of our International office addresses for European and Offshore companies.

Government licence Fee

We include in our renewal invoice the annual government licence fee which, include submissions to Companies House or the Company Registry where required.

Statutory requirements

Your company must fulfil their annual statutory requirements.

Company Directors are personally responsible for meeting these statutory requirements, failure to do so can lead to heavy penalties and your company being struck from the company register.

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