UK Company Secretary

UK Company Secretary

We provide a company secretarial service to ensure that these important statutory requirements are fulfilled, leaving the day to day running of the company to the directors. We ensure that all your company’s statutory requirements are met, including the filing of the accounts and confirmation statements.

As your Company Secretary, we will prepare other documents in respect of changes to the company structure as and when they occur this includes allotment of shares, transfer of shares and appointments and resignations of officers.

Our duties as Company Secretary will include:

  • Maintaining the Register of Directors and Secretary
  • Issuing share certificates and recording transfers of shares
  • Maintaining the Register of Members and Debenture Holders
  • Arranging for charges to be registered and recorded in the Register of Charges
  • Preparation and submission of the Confirmation Statement – fee payable
  • Filing of documents at the Companies Registry including changes of registered office, changes of directors and secretary

As your Company Secretary we can also offer the preparation and submission of the confirmation statement.

Duties of the Company Secretary

Regular duties

  • Has AGM notice/agenda been sent out in appropriate time to all members?
  • Have all members been sent a copy of the accounts?
  • Has auditor been sent notices of all meetings?
  • Have details of directors’ re-elections been attended to?
  • Have details of dividend payments been attended to?
  • Have confirmation statements and accounts been filed at Companies House?
  • Are all the statutory books/registers up to date and complete?
  • Have changes of directors been filed?

Occasional duties

  • Has the auditor been sent copies of written resolutions?
  • Are all directors’ details properly filed?
  • Are secretary’s details properly filed?
  • Has any change of name and trading name been filed?
  • Has any change of registered office been filed?
  • Does all business stationery show correct details?
  • Have changes to Memorandum or Articles been filed?
  • Have any mortgage details (including changes) been filed?
  • Have any changes in authorised or issued share capital been filed?
  • Is the company abiding by its Articles of Association?
  • Has Certificate of Incorporation been properly kept?
  • Have Factories Act/Shop and Office Regulations/insurance certificate been conspicuously shown?
  • Has auditor been changed, and if so have details been filed on form
  • Is company seal locked away (if there is one)?
  • Have all minutes of shareholders’ meetings been taken and properly kept?
  • Have all appropriate special elective and extraordinary resolutions been filed at Companies House?
  • Have any members died or become bankrupt?
  • Have share transfers been properly processed and results recorded?
  • Has all stamp duty been paid?

Failure to deliver accounts within the specified time limit will lead to a fine and your company may be struck off the Companies Register.

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