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We specialise in incorporating Limited Companies in Hong Kong and are very familiar with the documents available from the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Hong Kong Companies Registry

As incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Hong Kong Companies Registry means we can obtain copies of company documents from the registry. We are able to conduct a company search and obtain company search reports and copies of company documents.

Hong Kong Company Search Report – Company Information

Price: £128

Hong Kong Company Search Timescale: Email copies sent within 2 – 4 working day

Delivery: PDF report sent via email only

A Hong Kong company search outlines the current administrative position of a Hong Kong company in accordance with the records held at the company register.

This company search report includes:

  • Full company name – English name
  • Chinese company name – if filed
  • Previous company names including date company name used was effective from
  • Company type – local limited company
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company registration number
  • Current Legal Status of Company  – Good Standing, Struck Off
  • Previous company names including effective date of company names, company name used
  • Register of charges – charge type, details and date registered with registry – (if available)
  • Company Director details – including name, Chinese name, date appointment, address
  • Hong Kong Registered Office address
  • Share Capital – paid up share capital, authorised share capital and issued share capital
  • Shareholder details – name, address, current holding
  • Company Secretary including name, Chinese name, company registration number, registered/principal address, date of appointment
  • List of company documents filed with the Hong Kong Registry in the last 3 year by the company – including the document name, date filed and document ref number
  • A copy of the latest annual return filed (if available) – all local companies incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance are required to file an annual return

The Hong Kong company annual return if filed includes:

  • Date annual return filed with the Registry
  • The Annual Return is signed by a company director or the company secretary
  • Shareholder details – name/company name, current holding and number of shares transferred- from last annual return
  • Class of shares, nominal value, number of shares issued, nominal value of each share issued, currency of shares
  • Presenters details including name, address, contact telephone number and email address

Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation

Price: £250

Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation Timescale: Email copies sent within 3 – 5 working day | Courier depends on location

Delivery: PDF copies sent via email | Originals copies sent via courier

We can provide a Certificate of Incorporation certifying that a Hong Kong company is registered. The certificate provides the date of incorporation and the name of the company. A certificate of incorporation can also be provided when a Hong Kong company changes its name

Hong Kong Certificate of Good Standing  – Certificate of Continuing Registration

Price: £250

Hong Kong Certificate of Good Standing Timescale: Email copies sent within 3 – 5 working day | Courier depends on location

Delivery: PDF copies sent via email | Originals copies sent via courier

The Hong Kong Registry cannot supply an official Certificate of Good Standing but they do have a Certificate of Continuing Registration which holds similar information. Global authorities and institutions accept Certificate of Continuing Registration as proof of continuing registration of a Hong Kong company.

The document states that the company has maintained all administrative requirements in accordance with the Companies Ordinance up to the date the certificate was issued.

The certificate of continuing registration also supplies the name of the company and the date of registration. This official certificate is provided from the Hong Kong Registrar of Companies with the signature of an authorised registrar.

Hong Kong Memorandum and Articles of Association

Hong Kong uses a constitution or bylaws instead 0f a  Memorandum and Articles of Association, there hold the same data and information and a memorandum. The bylaws are submitted to the Hong Kong Companies Registry when the company is incorporated. We can supply a registry certified copy of a Hong Kong companies constitution or bylaws.


  • Apostilled: 6-10 Working Days


Scanned copy sent through once drafted and certified by the Hong Kong registry. Then sent by Courier.

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