Hong Kong Certificate of…


Hong Kong Certificate of Good Standing


Hong Kong Certificate of Good Standing  – Certificate of Continuing Registration

The Hong Kong Registry cannot supply an official Certificate of Good Standing but they do have a Certificate of Continuing Registration which holds similar information. Global authorities and institutions accept Certificate of Continuing Registration as proof of continuing registration of a Hong Kong company.

The document states that the company has maintained all administrative requirements in accordance with the Companies Ordinance up to the date the certificate was issued.

The certificate of continuing registration also supplies the name of the company and the date of registration. This official certificate is provided from the Hong Kong Registrar of Companies with the signature of an authorised registrar.


  • Certified: 3-5 Working Days
  • Apostilled: 6-10 Working Days


Scanned copy sent through once drafted and certified by the Hong Kong registry, then a hard copy sent by courier.

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