Hong Kong Ready Made Limited Company

We have ready made companies available for purchase in Hong Kong. They are particularly useful when looking to conduct business through your own limited company in a very short space of time, or if you need to establish a business history quickly.

Hong Kong Ready Made Limited Company

Ready made companies are available for immediate transfer and come with all official documentation.

Since incorporation all our companies have filed dormant or non-trading accounts, along with an annual return.

Our ready made companies all have fully paid share capital and since incorporation have had no business activities whatsoever and they carry no obligations or duties.

Procedure to acquire a ready made company

You simply sign official forms that we will send you to confirm that you wish to purchase the company and become its owners. The company is then transferred over to you.

To assign new directors for the company you can either sign the official document yourself or sign a power of attorney that allows us to sign the document on your behalf.

The company will then be transferred over to you and is ready to trade immediately.

Aged / Shelf / Vintage Company

Depending on the nature of your business you may require an aged, or established company. These are companies which have been incorporated then left ‘on the shelf’ to age. They can be transferred in the same was as our ordinary ready made companies.

Some key reasons that people choose an aged corporation are:

  • Confidence of buyers and creditors can be influenced by the number of years a company has been in business.
  • The ability to bid on government contracts. Many countries require a minimum of 2 years in business for this.
  • Banks and other creditors like businesses to have been incorporated for a number of years and will give more generous credit packages to those who can be seen to have an established history. Age is one of the biggest factors in obtaining corporate credit.
  • Other companies may be more likely to do business with an established company rather than a new one.
  • Obtaining corporate credit cards and leases. For example, some computer companies lease only to corporations 12 months old or more.
  • Have an instant history for your company

Remember though, incorporation is now a quick process

Many years ago it would take months to properly incorporate a business. It is now quite easy to do so in many countries. In fact, it can be done in as little as a couple of hours in some jurisdictions. For this reason, unless you need a company to trade with very quickly or you need an aged corporation, it may be better to incorporate your own limited company.

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