Share Capital

Issued share capital

The issued or paid up share capital is the shares that have actually been allotted and paid for by the shareholders. In the absence of instructions to the contrary, all company incorporations are completed with the issue of 100 shares of €1 each.

Issued share capital is literally the amount of shares that a company has issued out of its potential nominal share capital.

Should you wish to increase the issued share capital by allotting new shares of your company, we can, on your behalf prepare all relevant documents i.e. Directors Minutes, Share Certificates, forms for submission to the Companies Registration Office.

If the company is issuing shares for a non-cash consideration, such as a bonus issue or the capitalisation of revenue reserves, we can prepare the necessary documentation and assess the capital duty, if any, this may require meeting with the Revenue Commissioners.

Changes in authorised/nominal share capital

Authorised/Nominal share capital is the potential amount of shares that a company has available for future distribution. If a company wishes to increase the authorised/nominal share capital so that it may issue more shares beyond its stated share capital, or so that it can create a new class of shares, a special resolution and an amended memorandum and articles of association must be submitted to the Companies Registration Office.

The authorised/nominal share capital of a company is the total number of shares that can be issued by the company. In order to avoid having to increase the authorised share capital at a later stage we will incorporate your new company with capital of €100,000. The share capital of the company is expressed in € Euro’s.

An increase in the nominal or authorised share capital is usually required where a company wishes to allot more than its stated share capital, or where it wishes to create a new class of shares.

To increase the authorised/nominal share capital – we draft the special resolution, minutes of the general meeting and complete the appropriate Companies Registration Office forms, additionally we alter the memorandum & articles of association to show the new share structure of the company.

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