COMPANIES ACT 1963 – SECT 368 Registration office.

368.—(1) For the purposes of the registration of companies under this Act, the Minister shall maintain and administer an office or offices in the State at such places as the Minister thinks fit.

(2) The Minister may appoint such registrars and assistant registrars as he thinks necessary for the registration of companies under this Act, and may make regulations with respect to their duties and may remove any persons so appointed.

(3) The Minister may direct a seal or seals to be prepared for the authentication of documents required for or connected with the registration of companies.

(4) Whenever any act is by this Act or by any statute directed to be done to or by the registrar of companies, it shall, until the Minister otherwise directs, be done to or by the existing registrar of joint stock companies or, in his absence, to or by such person as the Minister may for the time being authorise.